how to fish ponds in the summer

How To Fish Ponds In the Summer

Ponds may not have the diversity of landscapes as lakes but there are many different ways to approach them, especially in the summer. Bass tend to slow down and conserve energy with increased temperatures and decreased available oxygen. Many fisherman refer to this time as the summer drought due to the sluggish behavior and lack of consistent bites. Thankfully there are a few basic principles that will get you through this time with more bites and hopefully more big fish.

First, you need to match the bass’s mentality. They are moving slow so you should as well. Choose a bait that moves slow and entices a quick bite. My favorite for this is a 5 inch or smaller stick bait senko or a ned rig. Both of these presentations will lead to a consistent string of strikes. These will work especially well close to the shore during the morning and evening when larger bass move in to feed.

Another favorite summer time fishing tactic is topwater. Topwater bites heat up as water temperatures rise. Some fisherman exclusively fish topwater frogs during the summer. While I don’t fish them exclusively I do look forward to this time of year for the explosive topwater bites. There is nothing like a frog cruising in open water and out of nowhere a bass flies up in the air crushing it. You can toss your frog pretty much anywhere with variable retrievals. Look for a weedless setup and you will be good to go in the weeds, grass, pads or anything else you would normally need to avoid.

While fishing in the summer may be slow at times there is still plenty of fun to be had out on the water. Follow these little tips and you should be on your way to landing some big bass this summer!

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