1 – Seaview DPOD Deck Power Pod Box – Uncut Medium for MFD Display

Width: 14.25″
Height: 9.5″
depth: 5.147″


Seaview DPOD Deck Power Pod Box

Uncut medium MFD Pod, quick lock and release rotating base

Overall Dimensions:

  • Width: 14.25″
  • Height: 9.5″
  • depth: 5.147″

Max Usable Face:

  • Width: 13.75″
  • Height: 9″

Max Cut Out Area:

  • Width: 12.938″
  • Height: 8.125″

The DPOD is a instrument deck pod designed for power boats. Seaview took their modular mount concept and applied it to their instrument pod product line. There might be three different box sizes to suit almost any chart plotter or instrument in the marketplace. What makes the DPOD so great is that it truly appeals to fisherman on account of its quick rotating base.

Rotating Base

The quick rotating base makes the DPOD a truly nice choice for fisherman as it lets you rotate the screen for better viewing at the fly, so you do not miss that catch! Simply pull the protected bolt out and rotate the DPOD left or right as much as 350 degrees. To fasten the anodized aluminum base back into place simply push the protected bolt back in, it is so easy you’ll do it with one hand!


The DPOD is made out of UV resistant ABS plastic and security screws are used to carry it all together. A water tight gasket is used to stop water from entering throughout the pod, even as a GORE-TEX ventilation vent we could hot air to flee without letting water in.

Optional Accessory Pod

One of the original abilities with the DPOD is the facility so as to add optional side pods (SP1BOX). Currently no other instrument pod for power boats in the marketplace has this selection. Depending at the DPOD box size you select you’ll be able to mount either one to four of those accessory pods. This provides the client a lot of flexible solutions to optimize their setup.
Width: 14.25″
Height: 9.5″
depth: 5.147″


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