(2) 8′ Long Marine Carpet BLACK Bunk Boards w/ HD PADDING

(2) Carpeted Bunk Boards with HD Padding Underneath Carpet
Size: 1.5″x3.5″x96″ (2x4x8)
Fabric: UV Stabilized Polypropylene Nonwoven Fabric


Carpeted 2×4 Bunk Forums wrapped with UV Stabilized Polypropylene Nonwoven Material. We set up three” huge HD padding Beneath carpet so as to add further layer of coverage on your boat. Picket is Force Handled pine and the material is secured with half” chrome steel staples. Reinforce the glance of your trailer through changing wiped out bunk Forums with those OEM merchandise.
(2) Carpeted Bunk Forums with HD Padding Beneath Carpet
Dimension: 1.five”x3.five”x96″ (2x4x8)
Material: UV Stabilized Polypropylene Nonwoven Material
Picket: Force Handled 2×4
Secured with half” Stainless Metal Staples


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