2 pcs. DAM Backbone STELLFISH, 7.30m/23.95ft, 50-100g/1,76-3,53oz – Telescopic rod

Content: 2 pcs.
Length: 7.30m/23.95ft
Casting Weight: 50-100g/1,76-3,53oz


DAM Backbone Stellfish – DOUBLE PACK With the Backbone series we have now controlled to stay the cost low, with out compromising the standard. Prime grade carbon rods with cork handles for costs that should be horny for budgetminded anglers. Just right having a look high quality rods that do what they’re meant to do and stay doing so for many future years. An extended for canals or streams filled with weed beds and lily’s, the place you wish to have so to steer your baitfish proper the place you are expecting the pike: past the weeds and plants! TECHNICAL DETAILS: TC24 carbon Top of the range cork blended with EVA foam Up to date having a look, graphite screw reelseat Double foot guides Guides with ceramic inlays
Content: 2 pcs.
Period: 7.30m/23.95ft
Casting Weight: 50-100g/1,seventy six-3,53oz
Portions: 8, Guides: 8
Weight: 950g/33,51oz; Transportlength: 135cm/four.43ft


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