2 pcs. DAM Exquisite FLY G2 – Fly rod (double pack)


DAM EXQUISITE FLY G2 – Fly rod – DOUBLE PACK G2 stands for Era 2, so that is the brand new Era of our well-known, four-piece Beautiful Fly rod series. We controlled to give a boost to the rods and, on the similar time, lead them to more brand new having a look. The light-weight Beautiful Fly G2 rods are manufactured from 30TC carbon and authentic SeaGuide snake guides. To be had in a variety of lengths and line categories (from 8 ft to 10 ft, from Aftma 4 to nine). So, there is a rod for each and every more or less flyfishing: from flyfishing for trout and grayling to seatrout or even monster pike. The longer/heavier versions include a combating butt. Delivered in a cordura tube, so you’ll retailer or transport those beauties safely!


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