Aftco GAFFF34BRWN Tapered Fiberglass Gaff with 3-Inch Hook, 4-Foot, Brown

Dependable, flawless performance
Rigid quality Control
Made using the most durable materials


After stands for the American fishing take on corporate and used to be established in 1958 in Newport beach, California by J.C. Axelson, a pioneer in Large game take on building. In 1973, milt shedd (a mythical innovator, himself) and wife Peggie bought aftco, and a brand new corporate evolved with a priority for each the fishing customer and marine resources. In 1974, son bill shedd joined the corporate, and in 1989 he started the after clothing Division, with the introduction of what was the sector’s finest fishing shorts. In 1999, after started a relationship with guy Harvey by manufacturing and distributing “far and wide print” shirts incorporating guy’s art. Then, in 2004, guy officially Partnered with aftco for the manufacture and distribution of all guy Harvey sports wear, together with the immensely widespread guy Harvey t-shirts. In 2007, after Partnered with global famous natural world artist, Al agnew, to supply and distribute a line of clothing for the recent water angler and people who appreciate inland game and natural world.
Loyal, flawless performance
Rigid quality Keep watch over
Made the use of probably the most sturdy fabrics


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