Attwood Gunwale Strap

Webbing: strong 2″-wide webbing. Resists rot, oils, gasoline and most chemicals
Buckle: Quick-release (over-center) buckle. Easy to use, yet secure and safe. Quick tightening – remove slack by pulling on the loose strap end.
Cinch tight and secure by depressing buckle handle. Release by lifting the buckle handle


10′ gunwale strap
Webbing: sturdy 2″-huge webbing. Resists rot, oils, fuel and such a lot chemical compounds
Buckle: Fast-Liberate (over-middle) buckle. Simple to make use of, but protected and protected. Fast tightening – take away slack by way of pulling at the free strap end.
Cinch tight and protected by way of miserable buckle deal with. Liberate by way of lifting the buckle deal with
Hooks: J-hook with snap closure for protected, Simple attachment. Electrostatic discharge coating (EDC) end to stop corrosion. Heavy gauge.


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