Attwood Traditional Style All-Round Frosted Globe Light

Attwood has improved the world’s most successful all-round lights!
The new frosted globe lights use a standardized lamp that is commonly available in marine, auto, and convenience stores
The new lens has a clean, translucent look and 360 Degree visibility


Conventional taste frosted globe all-spherical 24″ gentle
Attwood has stepped forward the sector’s so much a hit all-spherical lighting fixtures!
The brand new frosted globe lighting fixtures use a standardized lamp that may be repeatedly to be had in marine, car, and comfort retail outlets
The brand new lens has a blank, translucent glance and 360 Level visibility
Those all-spherical lighting fixtures use fewer and more practical phase numbers to hide the frosted globe marketplace
And so they use the a hit device of poles that are compatible Attwood and aggressive-type 2-pin plug-in bases


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