Bearing Buddy Spindle Seal

Pack 2
Model # 2441
Seal 3.38″


To be used with Bearing Pal on Trailers with brakes or as replacement seals. Ahead of SPINDO SEAL, a trailer with brakes and/or bad high quality axle sealing surfaces may just no longer be fitted with rear seals which might save you grease leakage as a result of tough sealing surfaces would temporarily spoil any seal. Now, with SPINDO SEAL, completely clean, corrosion evidence axle sealing surfaces along with prime quality neoprene seals supply a device which permits the seal to journey on a clean sealing floor continuously greased via the action of the Bearing Pal. Seals will closing a few years with best negligible grease leakage.
% 2
Fashion # 2441
Seal 3.38″
Bearing Cone 25580


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