Boat Trailer Tapered Fender

Die-Matic Tool offers the Best Quality at the Lowest Price on the Most Popular Boat Trailer Parts for 30 years!
Plain Steel Fender Ready to Prime and Paint
Made in America


Those are Simple Metal Tapered fenders They’re 8 inches wide at the best and 9 inches wide at the bottom 12 inches in height. The full duration is 29 half of inches. They’re In a position to primer and paint, gentle weight and simple to put in. this list is for 1 each and every, They’re They’re universal and they may be able to be used for both the left or proper hand facet.
Die-Matic Device gives the Absolute best High quality at the Lowest Worth at the So much Standard Boat Trailer Portions for 30 years!
Simple Metal Fender In a position to High and Paint
Made in The usa


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