BoatBuckle Winch Strap with Loop End

2″ wide heavy duty boat winch strap with loop end
Break strength 8,000 lbs.
Safe Working Load 2,667 lbs.


BoatBuckle Winch Straps includes a 9,two hundred-pound Secure Operating load cast metal snap hook. The polyester webbing has a 4,000-pound Holiday power, 1,333 pounds Secure Operating load and a convenient loop finish. All of our winch straps are engineered with protection in mind. Every is intentionally designed for the stitch to be the mode of failure in an final tensile take a look at to make sure the hook does not Holiday and develop into a deadly projectile. BoatBuckle logo tie-down methods be offering skilled fishermen and weekend boaters convenient, top of the range tie-down methods so they are able to spend more time at the water and no more time at the boat ramp. IMMI is the top marine tie-down manufacturer in North The us.
2″ wide heavy duty boat winch strap with loop finish
Holiday power 8,000 lbs.
Secure Operating Load 2,667 lbs.
To be had in 20 ft and 25 ft


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