Build your own 15′ adjustable Boat Trailer (DIY Plans) Fun to build! Save money!


This 15′ boat trailer is a robust but lightweight trailer suitable for such a lot boats between 13ft (3.95 metres) to 15ft (4.7 metres) long with a vee hull. With fully adjustable rear quad wobble rollers, an intermediate set of adjustable dual wobble rollers and keel rollers, this trailer will suit such a lot alloy and fiberglass hulled boats. Distance between the guards is 6.07′ and overall length from the coupling to the rear quad rollers is just over 16’the plans include details of the winch post shown within the pictures above, and in addition two fully adjustable winch posts to conform to different bow and winch eyelet setups. The trailer is suitable for boats as much as 1350 lbs even if if the tire and spring specifications are up rated, boats as much as a maximum of 1750 lbs will also be towed. Disc Brakes will also be fitted if required but wider guards will want to be suited for atone for the extra room the braking hardware will take up. Details are included for fabricating your individual wobble roller arms and supports on the way to potentially prevent hundreds of greenbacks. “Off the shelf” roller setups will also be fitted in place if you’re reluctant to build your individual. I will be able to mail you hard copies on 8 1/2 X 11 paper. All plans are designed by Ben Stone. Ben is a retired Engineer in Canada. Ben also drafts these himself the usage of the contemporary AutoCAD software to make sure accuracy. He studied Engineering back within the early 1980’s. After over 30 years within the Construction industry he developed a passion for building cool items around his farm and cabin. He’s sharing these with the arena for $10 each and every. These are great DIY projects. With somewhat skill anybody can Do It Yourself. Ben is at all times a email away when you have any questions even as building one among his projects. He’s adding new plans at all times.


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