Cargobuckle Ladder Rack System 1.25″ Square 7′ Pair (Part #F18816 By Cargobuckle)

Manufacturer’s part number: ZXC-F18816cwe
Manufactured by CargoBuckle
High quality, durable materials for a long product life.


Ladder Rack Machine – 1.25″ Sq. 7′ Pair No ladder rack tie-down is quicker or more handy to make use of. Ladder rack customers can permanently mount the CargoBuckle Ladder Rack Tie-down Machine to their truck racks. By no means search once more for tie-downs or stretch cords to do the task. Useful apparatus is held securely with 7 toes of professional high quality internet and a powerful double J-hook. The strap mechanically retracts from your manner while no longer in use.

Quick Specs:
Producer’s section number: ZXC-F18816cwe
Synthetic via CargoBuckle
Top quality, sturdy fabrics for a protracted product lifestyles.


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