Ce Smith 2-1/2″ On Center Swivel Bracket (Part #10200G40 By C.E. Smith)

Manufacturer’s part number: ZXC-10200G40cwe
Manufactured by C.E. Smith
High quality, durable materials for a long product life.


Heart Swivel Bracket – 2-1/2″ Galvanized swivel most sensible bracket supplies vertical and tilting adjustment for trailer bunks. Swivel Bracket for mounting Bunk Forums to Bolster Brackets. Options: Bolt-on deploy Bunk flange holes three/eight” dia. Bunk flange 1-three/eight” x three-1/2″ Swivel flange hollow 1/2″ dia. Swivel flange 2″ tall x three-1/2″ 2-1/2″ bunk flange hollow facilities 11 gauge galvanized metal Made in the united states Bought in my opinion

Quick Specifications:
Producer’s section quantity: ZXC-10200G40cwe
Synthetic via C.E. Smith
Prime quality, sturdy fabrics for a protracted product lifestyles.


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