Ce Smith Roller Style Boat Guide-Ons (Part #27610 By C.E. Smith)

Manufacturer’s part number: ZXC-27610cwe
Manufactured by C.E. Smith
High quality, durable materials for a long product life.


Roller Taste Boat Information-On Those easy rolling guides lend a hand in centering the boat onto the trailer. Perfect for retrieving your boat on shallow ramps where the trailer isn’t some distance into the water if you find yourself by myself or have a crosswind or present pushing the boat. Options: 21″H Galvanized posts lengthen as much as thirteen” out from fringe of trailer body Mounting hardware included for frames as much as 3″W x 4 1/four”H Bought in pairs

Quick Specifications:
Producer’s phase number: ZXC-27610cwe
Synthetic via C.E. Smith
Top quality, sturdy fabrics for an extended product lifestyles.


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