CE Smith Trailer 10201G40 2″ Swivel Bracket

Bunk Flange holes 3/8 inch diameter
Bunk Flange 1-3/8″ x 3-1/2″
Swivel Flange Hole 1/2 inch diameter


CE Smith 10201G40, swivel bracket, 2 inch on middle, galvanized. Swivel best bracket supplies vertical and tilting adjustment for trailer bunks. Swivel bracket for mounting bunk forums to reinforce brackets. Bolt-on install. 11 gauge subject material. Made in america. Bought, personally.
Bunk Flange holes three/eight inch diameter
Bunk Flange 1-three/eight” x three-half of”
Swivel Flange Hollow half of inch diameter
Swivel Flange 2″ tall x three-half of”
2 inch bunk Flange Hollow facilities


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