CE Smith Trailer 32150G Keel 2″-3″ Roller Bracket Assembly

Bracket is 1/8″ thick with 5/8″ shaft and 1/2″ Hole on 3″ Hole centers
Roller has 3″ diameter, 5/8″ shaft, and is 4-7/8″ wide
Made in the USA


CE Smith 32150G, keel Curler bracket Meeting – 2″ – three” tongue, galvanized. Desk bound keel Curler bracket Meeting for a three” huge tongue. Bracket substitute phase #32151G. Curler substitute phase is 29522.
Bracket is 1/eight” thick with five/eight” shaft and half” Hollow on three” Hollow facilities
Curler has three” diameter, five/eight” shaft, and is four-7/eight” huge
Made in america


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