Ce Smith Vertical Bunk Bracket Lanced 8-1/2″ (Part #10604G40 By C.E. Smith)

Manufacturer’s part number: ZXC-10604G40cwe
Manufactured by C.E. Smith
High quality, durable materials for a long product life.


Vertical Bunk Bracket Lanced – eight-1/2″ Adjustable bunk bracket. Used while mounting bunks on part. Perfect for small craft trailers. A unmarried bracket will permit the bunk board to pivot with the hull because the boat is loaded. Double brackets cling the board in position. Options: eight-1/2″ Slots 7-sixteen” x 2-1/2″ 11 gauge materical, galvanized end Lanced taste

Quick Specifications:
Producer’s phase quantity: ZXC-10604G40cwe
Synthetic by means of C.E. Smith
Top of the range, sturdy fabrics for an extended product existence.


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