Connelly C Force 1 Cockpit Towable Tube

Cockpit towable tubes keep your riders protected in a recessed seating area
Recessed seating placement lowers the towable’ s center of gravity
Intended for seated positions only


Connelly towable tubes are built-to-closing. A 420D nylon duvet maintains its integrity longer than competing brands. Make sure to use your tube with a correlating tow-rope Meant on your specified selection of riders. A three/8″ diameter tow rope is absolute best-suited to as much as 2 adults. A 5/8″ diameter tow rope has a capability-load for as much as 4 adults. Any selection of adults over 5 will require A three/four” diameter tow-rope, in addition to a handy guide a rough unlock tow-harness.
Cockpit towable tubes stay your riders secure in a recessed seating house
Recessed seating placement lowers the towable’ s middle of gravity
Meant for seated positions best
Headrest supplies added strengthen on your spine
Cockpit-taste tubes are Most often very stable and not more prone to roll, in comparison to Wing and doughnut tubes


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