Cortland Brook 8’6″ 4wt 4pc Fly Rod


The Cortland Brook Series fly rods are rods designed from the grip as much as meet the special demands of smaller waters where accuracy and finesse are more necessary than sheer power. Where fishing tiny flies and lightweight tippets to wild and cautious trout is the secret. Gentle, responsive, a joy to behold, these are rods you’re going to be proud to own and fish. Sparsely tuned actions, nickel silver fittings, slender specie cork grips and a distinct rod/reel carrier make these rods an unprecedented worth. Brook 865 – 8′ 6″ 5wt. 4pc. 2.8 oz.. Possibly essentially the most versatile trout rod size, the 865 is the go to collection of trout anglers all over. Ready to solid all the vary of fly sizes and kinds, this rod can succeed in out when wanted yet continues to be subtle enough to fish Gentle leaders and tiny dries. Whether or not the menu is bead heads, dries and even smaller ‘buggers and streamers, the 864 can care for the job. Accuracy, keep an eye on, adaptability, Gentle weight, power and finesse, this rod has it all. The all spherical trout rod. Period.


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