Davis Utility Low Current Mega-Light

Consumes very little current
At just 0.110A, battery discharge is about one amp-hour in a 12-hour period
Waterproof dual-function Fresnel lens which projects light for up to 2 nautical miles


Mega-Mild energy efficient lighting consume little or no current. At simply 0.110 amps (approximately 1/tenth amp), battery discharge is set one amp hour in a 12-hour length. Your batteries will hardly understand it’s on. Mega-Mild Utility includes a Mild sensor that mechanically switches on at dusk and stale at crack of dawn. It sports a twin-serve as Fresnel lens that projects Mild for as much as two nautical miles (3.7 km). Comes with two simple-to-modification Mild bulbs. One bayonet-sort bulb attracts simply 0.110 amps and will also be seen for as much as two nautical miles (3.7 km). The opposite bayonet bulb attracts 0.320 amps (approximately 3/tenth amps) and is greater than twice as bright. Contains an ordinary lighter plug and 15 foot (four.5 m) twine with simple hanger.
Consumes little or no current
At simply 0.110A, battery discharge is set one amp-hour in a 12-hour length
Water-proof twin-serve as Fresnel lens which projects Mild for as much as 2 nautical miles
Features a lighter plug on a 15 ft. twine, an adjustable putting bracket and a gentle sensor for automatic switching – on at dusk⁄off at crack of dawn


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