Douglas DXS Spinning Rod 7232/7’2”/4-8 LB TEST/ 1/16-3/8 OZ


Douglas DXS Spinning Rods
7232/7’2″/4-8 LB TEST/ 1/16-3/8 OZ
3.4 oz.

At Douglas, we knew we needed to break down a couple of barriers to make a dent. The most efficient carbon technologies were sporting prices that were tricky to turn out at the water. We went out and located the X/MATRIX.


Douglas has began with an engineer after which, the sales guy. Either one of them agreed on a brand new subject material. The engineer guarantees it advances performance. The sales guy says you do not need to sell the farm.

Every of the 26 actions on this line will challenge perfect-of-elegance rods to this point. These are both area-tech and right down to earth. These are new times, new necessities.

It is a excellent time to be an angler.

Options and Advantages

New and proprietary carbon matrix construction
Professional actions with strength and sensitivity
Hardloy guides
EVA handles and grips
Ground breaking strength to weight ratio


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