E-Z Slide Trailer Pads

Slide your boat smoothly on and off your bunk trailer
Slick high density polymer is built to last in a marine environment
Kits available for 2″, 4″ and 6″ bunks. Black or white.


In search of an more uncomplicated solution to launch and cargo your boat out of your bunk trailer? The E-Z Slide boat trailer slides mount immediately on your trailer bunks to permit your boat to slip smoothly off and on the trailer. The BunkEnders mount immediately to the top put on on the finish of your trailer bunks, protective the carpet whilst you launch and cargo your boat.
Slide your boat smoothly off and on your bunk trailer
Slick top density polymer is constructed to final in a marine atmosphere
Kits to be had for two”, four” and six” bunks. Black or white.
House your E-Z Slides alongside your bunks and connect with included stainless screws
Advisable for steel boats weighing as much as 4000lbs and fiberglass boats weighing as much as 1500lbs. Now not Advisable for painted bottoms.


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