G.Loomis Classic Spin Jig Rods


These are special, speedy-action rods designed to provide heat-water spin fishermen the ability and function of a casting rod in a spinning configuration. At the same time as many of those rods are very similar to our casting models in both actions and tool-ratings, They’re rated for relatively lighter line because spinning reels historically do not take care of heavier line in addition to a casting reel, even with oversized guides. These rods were firstly developed for fishing soft plastics for bass, but have since been found out by walleye anglers for vertical jigging in addition to grubs and lightweight bottom-bounce rigs. There are five different power “teams”, starting from 2- to 17-pound check line. Many of those rods are appropriate for light saltwater use. They’re just what the doctor ordered for bass, walleye and pike at the freshwater facet and you can in finding numerous how you can use them in light saltwater applications. They’re light, sensitive and very accurate. The more popular models are to be had in GLX, IMX and GL3.


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