G. Loomis Escape Travel Casting Rods


Our free time has grow to be more valuable than ever and destination resorts are catering increasingly more to all segments of the fishing market Saltwater flats fishing isn’t just a fly fishing thing anymore and add to the combo destinations like Alaska South The usa Africa and Australia and there’s a very strong demand for good quality Commute rods in spin and cast Traveling anglers require flexibility of their equipment Rods to be able to care for a broad range of fishing challenges like ultra-lite trout and crappie action in freshwater to snook and tarpon fishing on saltwater flats As more exotic fishing destinations are came upon we discover ourselves more and more afield Most anglers would slightly lose their clothing than their equipment You’ll be able to all the time fish within the pants and shirt you wore at the plane If its too hot make yourself some cut-offs and You’ll be able to get by just fine but you bought that high performance rod just for this go back and forth so having it arrive two days late – or in no way – is NOT an option The very last thing you wish to have to lose on any fishing expedition is your rods and reels Fly anglers are taking spin or cast back-up rods for windy tough casting days and serious all tackle anglers are discovering the good thing about carrying on pack rods Its systems management for the traveling sport fisher and we give you the rods Escape Commute rods are all three-piece Each and every rod has very specific line and lure ratings which unique to the Escape Series include definitive descriptions of what form of spin or cast rod Each and every are in addition to the optimum line advisable for instance the ETR75-3 ULS 4 is an Escape Commute Rod 75 in length 3-piece configuration Ultra Light Spin with an optimal line rating of 4-pound test Guides are Fuji Alconite and handles feature cork grips with fixed reel seats Each and every rod is available in a handsome protective rod sock and Commute case


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