HydroForce Voyager 1000 Inflatable Raft

Extra strength, 3-ply reinforced vinyl
Inflatable cushions and storage bag
Integrated Fishing rod holders


This Highest method Hydro-Drive Voyager boat is produced from heavy grade PVC designed to rise up to the stresses of UV degradation, abrasion pollution and sticking it at the seaside. This boat options Built-in fishing rod holders, inflatable cushions, garage bag, Omni-directional oarlocks, protection-seize ropes and motor mount grommets. The Voyager is in a position to aiding 2 adults and 1 kid with a most load capability of 594 lbs. and an outboard motor of as much as 1.4hp. Nice for exploring lakes or on fishing journeys. Features a pair of aluminum oars, Air Hammer hand Inflation pump and garage bag. Dimensions: a hundred and fifteen” x 50″ x 18″.
Additional energy, three-ply bolstered vinyl
Inflatable cushions and garage bag
Built-in Fishing rod holders
Appropriate for 2 adults and 1 kid
Features a pair of 60″ aluminum oars, garage bag and air pump


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