Inflatable Boat Flinc 340K

Colors: Gray; Weight kg: 44; Capacity kg: 400; Tube diameter cm: 42;
Number of compartments: 3+1 (keel); Passenger capacity: 3; Stringer: Yes
Floor: Plywood floorboards 9mm; Width cm: 152 Length cm: 340; Engine power HP/kWt: 9.8


The boat, a pump and service package are packed in an envelope-sort bag. The floorboards, seats and oars are packed in some other bag. The stringers are in 3rd bag.
Colours: Grey; Weight kg: forty four; Capability kg: four hundred; Tube diameter cm: forty two;
Selection of cubicles: three+1 (keel); Passenger Capability: three; Stringer: Sure
Flooring: Plywood floorboards 9mm; Width cm: 152 Duration cm: 340; Engine energy HP/kWt: 9.8
The boat package contains: Inflatable boat – 1; Envelope bag – 1; Seats – 2; Floorboards – 2; Alloy oars – 2;
Operation Handbook – 1; Restore package – 1; Foot pump – 1; Stringer – 2


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