Intrepid International Tie Safe Trailer Tie

Patented Tie Safe
Set To Desired Break Strength
Strong Hardware


Tie Secure Trailer Tie for Horses Patented Tie Secure design breaks aside below a panic load, however the tie is not in reality damaged in any respect. The quick finish of the hook and loop stays on the horse and the remainder lengthy segment remains to be hooked up to the wall or trailer. Simply catch your naughty horse and put the Tie Secure back in combination. Improbable thought for stables. The Tie Secure does not have the snap back threat of a stretchy tie. Includes a panic snap at one finish and cast brass trigger snap on the different. Trailer Tie – adjusts from 28 Inch to 33 Inch.
Patented Tie Secure
Set To Desired Holiday Potential
Sturdy Hardware


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