Lock-N-Haul 6061 Model

Fits 90% of outboard motors with power tilt
Won’t Rust and is safe for saltwater use
Adjustable to fit different motor brands, models, and sizes


•The Lock-n-Haul® transom saver is the arena’s first and only 4-point inline load universal fit outboard boat motor make stronger made specifically for trailering. It easily adjusts to suit such a lot outboard motor brands with power tilt systems, on ANY BOAT. The width of setback or jackplate Would possibly not matter at all.
•The Lock-n-Haul® transom saver is a one piece device that absolutely stabilizes the outboard motor and stops all harmful motor movement, by locking both the lean and steering pivots. Features a quick clip, coated aircraft cable retaining lanyard.
• The Lock-n-Haul® transom saver is one hundred% machined to be tough from 1/8″ wall 6061 T6 aircraft anodized aluminum tubing, e-coated steel, Delrin and nylon. It is compact design (13″x9″x1″ footprint) makes it easy to stow onboard and it weighs not up to a pound. Would possibly not rust and is protected for saltwater use as well.
• Two year warranty against manufacturing and subject matter defects.
This is not your grandpa’s “transom saver” that in fact does more harm than good. As of late’s motor is now held firmly by the facility tilt system and cannot move away from the shock of the street transfer during the old skool “transom savers”. The lower unit is taking repeated jolts as you trailer over rough roads with bumps and holes. Kinetic energy is introduced into your system with the shaking of the motor. Unless your outboard motor is stabilized completely in order that NO movement occurs, the kinetic energy will dissipate where the motor moves (the motor’s tilt and steering pivots), causing stress and wear on all the system, including the transom.
The Lock-n-Haul® ‘s unique patented 4-point inline load design positively locks out ALL of the movement of the motor by stabilizing both the steering and tilt pivots and secures the motor in shuttle position, whilst completely isolating the lower unit from the trailer and getting rid of the shock that may be transferred from the street, to the trailer, to the lower unit.
Fits 90% of outboard motors with power tilt
Would possibly not Rust and is protected for saltwater use
Adjustable to suit different motor brands, models, and sizes
Easy to put in and use, compact to stow onboard when no longer in use
Stabilizes motor from turning and helps save you damage to steering and lower unit


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