Orvis Clearwater Frequent Flyer 906-7 Fly Rod (6wt 9’0″ 7pc)

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Orvis Clearwater Frequent Flyer 6-weight nine’0″ Fly Rod (6wt, nine’0″, 7pc) This go back and forth 6-weight fly rod is at all times able for action. From Wisconsin smallies to Wyoming cutthroats, the Clearwater Frequent Flyer 906-4 Fly Rod is an especially versatile tool built to maintain huge dries, heavy streamers and weighted nymphs. Cast with power and accuracy, with out losing any feel, for numerous species in rivers, lakes, or streams. Lightweight yet brawny, this rod cuts in the course of the wind, turns over huge flies, and is helping you pursue the fish of a life-time, all with out placing an enormous dent for your wallet. We will be able to all agree that it is not at all times convenient to bring your fly rod with you-unless it is in-built seven Items. In accordance with our long-running Frequent FlyerTM go back and forth fly rods-but up to date with our perfect-promoting Clearwater® rod technology and cosmetics-our new Clearwater Frequent Flyers might spend weeks on end behind your car, but while you fish them, they are going to feel like they never left your hand. Features: Length: nine’0: Weight: 6wt Cordura Nylon Rod Tube Items: 7 laptop
Lifetime Warranty
Free Shipping within the U.S. from ReelFlyRod.com


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