OUTCAST Fish Cat Panther, Green (200-F00160)

Material: [AIREcells] vinyl, [covers] 1000D PVC, [frame] aluminum
Dimensions: 9 x 5 ft
Number of Seats: 1


Epic chironomid hatches, aggressive char, and fat stillwater rainbows are only a paddle away whilst you head to the lake together with your Fish Cat Panther Pontoon. The Panther is Fish Cat’s best capacity pontoon boat, with a load capacity of 400 pounds and a stable 9-foot length that is great for cruising the lake or exploring slow, meandering rivers. The Panther is also big and stable, but it is still nimble for its size, which makes it simple to move into the ones fishy-having a look weed beds and slender inlets where small creeks feed hungry trout.Fish Cat kept the profile of the Panther low, so you shouldn’t have to paddle to shore on the first sign of wind rolling around the lake. The frame is a six-piece aluminum setup that may be broken down for simple storage, and the included seat and paddles be sure you keep comfy as you slip away on your most sensible-secret honey hole. Fish Cat also have compatibility the frame with an anchor system/motor mount attachment point in the back of the seat, so you’ll be able to easily accessorize the boat with either a motor or anchor, depending on where you’ll be able to be fishing for the day.
Subject matter: [AIREcells] vinyl, [covers] 1000D PVC, [frame] aluminum
Dimensions: 9 x 5 ft
Collection of Seats: 1
Pockets: 2 facet
Pump Included: no


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