Outcast Fish Cat Streamer Xl-Ir, Orange (200-F00100)

Hull Material: [outer fabric] 1000 PVC, [air bladder] vinyl
Length: 8 ft
Width: 54 in


Whether or not you might be uninterested in being stuck on shore or need to get admission to the ones primo spots in your native river, the Fish Cat Streamer XL-IR pontoon boat will get you to where the fishing is excellent. Designed for anglers underneath 200 pounds, the Streamer XL-IR has an overall load capacity of 300lb, making it appropriate for full days at the river and overnight angling adventures. Two 16-inch diameter pontoons will navigate rivers and lakes, even as the harsh six-piece steel frame provides a superior platform from which to solid and paddle. The boat comes supplied with two six-foot oars and is derived same old with a mounting plate for a motor. Two gear pouches will hold all of the take on, food, and beverages you’ll be able to want all through day, so you will not have to waste valuable sunlight paddling to shore to re-stock on provides.
Hull Subject matter: [outer fabric] 1000 PVC, [air bladder] vinyl
Duration: 8 ft
Width: 54 in
Tube Diameter: 16 in
Air Chambers: 2


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