Rod Saver Trolling Motor Tie Down Strap


Rod Saver Trolling Motor Tie Down Strap. A will have to for each trolling motor. It will keep your motor firmly fixed on your boat and now not resting on the bottom of the lake! Your trolling motor will keep safe with much less bouncing even as touring across the lake. Common design is 10″ lengthy. Deep “V” walleye boats with further lengthy trolling motor shafts require the 24″ lengthy strap. It’s designed with 2 straps. The longer strap is fixed the place the trolling motor shaft fastens to the mounting bracket and will mount 24″ above the deck. The second one strap is designed to carry down the true motor. It wraps round all the mounting bracket and the trolling motor shaft. No matter what measurement highest suits your boat, order it these days! Rod Saver Trolling Motor Tie Down Strap


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