Seabo MS-81275 Inflatable Boat

Wood deck
Inflateable V-keel
Marine plywood floorboards


The MS-81275A is a top of the range craft with a efficiency enhancing inflatable keel. The standard of the development and fabrics can?t be beat at any value however this boat is priced not up to the contest. Options: Robust oars Oarlock systems Bench seat with bag Hi-high quality PVC for sea water Recessed Valves Three air chambers D-towing ring Inflatable V-keel Bench cushion Wooden deck Rubbing strake Safety rope care for Simple sporting handles Motor in a position transom Drain valve V-cone stabilizer Inflatable keel Marine plywood floorboards Non-slip deck Advantages: Higher maneuverability Robust and dependable Sturdy Specifications Fashion: MS-81275A Passengers: 3 adults + 1 kid Overall period: 2.77m / nine?1″ Within period: 1.86 m / 6? 1″ Overall Width: 1.50m / four?eleven” Most payload: 320 kg / 705 lbs Gross weight: 43kg / 94.8lbs Internet weight: 35kg / 77.2 lbs Max power allowed: 9.9HP / 7.5 KW
Wooden deck
Inflateable V-keel
Marine plywood floorboards
Motor in a position transom
V-cone stabilizer


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