Shoreline Marine Trailer Winch (1200 Lbw/Strap)

1200 pound winch
Gear ratio: 4:1
Zinc plated construction


The coastline marine trailer winch is a heavy responsibility, unmarried power winch that includes stacked gears and power pawl. The curler Maintain and spring activated pawl permit for easy and protected operation. Able for use within the cruelest environments and gives common mounting holes. This winch supplies 1200 lbs. of pulling capability and features a winch strap. The ratchet is 2 manner + impartial and the Equipment ratio is four:1.
1200 pound winch
Equipment ratio: four:1
Zinc plated development
Ratchet: 2 manner + impartial
Maintain: ergo energy
1200 lb pulling energy.
Simple gears for easy use and operation
Zinc plated for corrosion resistance.
Effectively designed Maintain.
Comes with strap.


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