St. Croix Wild River Downrigging Rods

Premium-quality SCII graphite.
Downrigging and Kokanee models also feature super premium, 100% linear S-glass.
Designed specifically for salmon and steelhead angling.


What are you taking a look at? Site visitors, a couple of stoplights and a few nut job in a Mercedes texting his wife? A steelhead has mile after nautical mile full of predators. Dams. After which a few fisherman armed with a Wild River® rod. That includes 38 distinctive, specialised lengths, movements and powers to hide any scenario, Wild River rods are built on surprising blanks with a wealthy gold mud inexperienced metallic end. You can even to find Downrigging and Kokanee classes within the combine. Be at liberty you are not a fish.
Premium-high quality SCII graphite.
Downrigging and Kokanee models additionally characteristic super premium, one hundred% linear S-glass.
Designed particularly for salmon and steelhead angling.


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