Wetfly Tenkara Package

Recommended Use: backcountry fly fishing
Pieces: [telescoping] 1
Material: [fly box] bamboo


Why elevate a plethora of fly fishing equipment when all you truly want is the Wetfly Tenkara Package and a few food and water for an afternoon of backcountry bliss. Designed for the backcountry, the Tenkara way of fishing originated thru simplicity and a focal point on catching fish with most effective the vital elements–rod, line, and fly. This simplistic package includes a telescopic tenkara rod which permits it to simply collapse right into a 20-inch tube. As well as, Wetfly additionally comprises two furled leaders, one spool of 5x tippet, a dozen moderately decided on flies, and one bamboo fly box. As a result of there is not any reel, the art of Tenkara fishing depends on the angler connecting to the fish at the same time as offering lifelike action to the fly.
Really useful Use: backcountry fly fishing
Items: [telescoping] 1
Subject material: [fly box] bamboo
Deal with: cork


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